Finding a Licensed Contractor

How to make sure you’re getting a licensed roofing company with the right insurance:

You can call the building department at 719-327-2880 or go to

Once at site:  there will be drop down boxes

Search by license – click Building

Select – Specialty (D)

Select – Single Trade

Select – Roofing

This will give you a list of all Licensed Roofing Contractors
Example: Aspen Roofing – Several names will appear:
Aspen Roofing, Inc., 2725 Akers Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922  Is our company

You will see at the far right Started 8/20/1993 and when our license expires, 8/31/current year.

Find the companies that you’re looking into be it our company Aspen Roofing Inc or other contractors.

Look at their license and see when it expires; double click on company to check out their insurance information.

Example of our company – Our Liability insurance is with American Family Insurance and our Workman’s Compensation policy is with Pinnacol, showing the dates that these policies renew.

If you find companies that have a “Letter to Exempt” in the Worker’s Comp. area, this means that they DO NOT carry workman’s compensation insurance. They are exempt for owners of the company ONLY, and are most likely not insured with Worker’s Comp. If you should hire a company that does not carry Worker’s Comp., you could be liable should someone get injured while working on your roof.

Ask that the insurance company mails, fax, or emails that information to you directly from the insurance company. DO NOT let them hand you a paper that shows insurance information, anyone can doctor the information.

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