Roof Replacement and Leaks: Why Do You Need a New Install?

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roofers nailing slats on a roof for renovation

Your roof provides comfort and security. It keeps the elements out, shielding you from the rain, hail, and much more. But the protection that your roof offers will not stay stable forever. Every roof has a lifespan. And when your roof’s life expectancy reaches its end, you may start to notice leaks.

Whether they are major or minor, a leak can wreak havoc in your home. That said, some homeowners take a wait-and-see approach when they see a drip that is coming in. Leaks obviously do not fix themselves. Combined with an aging roof, you are likely looking at more than just a small repair.

Finding out that you need a replacement roof is never something that is easy to hear. But if it is the only option that will stop the steady stream of leaks, you need to listen to what the pros are saying. Ignoring advice to have a roof replacement can cause problems now and lead to more down the road. Why do you need to stop the leaks as soon as possible? Take a look at what can happen if you do not.

Mold Growth

When water enters your house, it saturates surfaces. Even though immediately cleaning it up is your goal, a constant leak is hard to beat. When your roof nears its end, and the leaks are growing, your attic, walls, and other surfaces of your home may get soaked constantly.

Sitting or standing water can cause a mold infestation in 24 to 48 hours. Keep in mind that you may not always see the water or where it comes from. Water that is dripping down the walls or in the attic may go unnoticed.

Not fixing a leak leaves you open to a moldy infestation that can cause respiratory illnesses, skin irritations, or asthma in people with sensitivities to the spores.

Property Destruction

As water leaks down into your home, it lands on something. Maybe you have a few pots and buckets set up to catch the leak. But that may not hold 24/7. Water that spills onto the carpets, wood floors, upholstered furniture, or just about anywhere else can destroy your prized possessions.

Imagine coming home to a roof leak that is dripping onto a leather sofa. If hours have gone by, the water may have ruined your furniture. Catching a leak early and repairing or re-installing your roof is the only way to prevent this type of destruction. Do not rely on using buckets, plastic sheeting, or any other type of barrier to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Structural Damage

Water leaking into your attic can cause issues with your home’s structure. Wet ceiling joints and water-soaked studs can rot over time. This leads to structural damage. While the wood in your attic will not rot immediately, letting a leak go can eventually cause a safety hazard.

Replacing your roof stops the rot and the potential problems that result from it. A new roof protects your home and will keep it safe from this type of water-induced structural damage.

Electrical Issues

Wet wiring is not safe. Wires that wind through your attic (or under any area that has a leaking roof) are a safety hazard when you combine them with dripping or pooling water. Along with soaking wires, water leaking on your electronics can result in an electrocution or fire risk.

A new roof shields your wiring and protects it from the rain and other elements. This reduces the fire danger and saves you money when replacing soggy wires and electronics.

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